About The Designer

During her time in the industry as a bridal consultant and alterations specialist, Fashion Designer Ayana Ife noticed there were significantly fewer options for the brides who wanted modest wedding gowns. Too often, this scarcity left them feeling frustrated and excluded. 

Ayana Ife believes that every bride deserves to look and feel her best on her wedding day. That's why she created Ayana Ife Bride, an empowering and personal experience so brides can have the dress of their dreams and feel like themselves on their wedding day. Ayana Ife Bride designs custom wedding gowns that are both modest and fashionable.

At Ayana Ife Bride, we’re passionate about problem solving: we address issues of modesty, fit, style, personal aesthetic, fabric stiffness, breathability, and movement — and we’re able to do so in short timeframes. We offer custom wedding gowns and in-person fittings at the Ayana Ife Bride Atelier in Danville, Pennsylvania. Our goal is to make each bride feel pampered, celebrated, and heard by listening to her concerns and advocating for her.

In an effort to serve more brides, Ayana Ife Bride is creating The Enchanted Love Collection, its first bridal capsule collection of beautiful, modest, affordable, size-inclusive gowns. This collection features unique colors, modern silhouettes, and captivating designs.

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Ayana's Story

Modest fashion designer Ayana Ife has been dressing women for over fifteen years. Ayana learned to sew at the age of six, and by age ten, she had already sold her first original garment. Throughout childhood, her talents as a fashion designer were realized through her love of sewing for others. She is an innovator who has found creative solutions to match the individual needs of her clients.

As a modest fashion consumer, Ayana feels the industry deficit firsthand. She advocates for women and offers a solution to their problems. Her passion is to elevate the modest fashion experience so that women feel beautiful, comfortable, and heard with unique styles that empower them and represent their values. She dresses women of all sizes, while listening to their concerns. She knows that modest fashion adds important variety to the industry and she is committed to establishing a permanent place for modest apparel in today's market. 

In an effort to feed her hunger for knowledge and fashion, Ayana completed her undergraduate degree in Textile Merchandising and Design at Middle Tennessee State University. In 2020, she obtained a master’s degree in Brand and Business Management with a concentration on Industry fashion from Politecnico di Milano in Milan, Italy. She completed her design internship with fashion designer Zac Posen in Manhattan, NYC.

Ayana Ife has starred on Project Runway, and debuted her fully modest collection at New York Fashion Week. She has been featured and mentioned in magazines, such as Marie Claire, The New York Post, and Harper's Bazaar Arabia.

Now, Ayana offers in-person bridal consultations and bespoke designs at her Atelier in Danville, Pennsylvania. She is carefully curating a sustainable sportswear brand for modest consumers that is set to debut in 2024. Her passionate, determined, and fearless pursuit of her dreams is manifested in all of her vibrant work. As Ayana Ife says, “When you have a goal in mind, you don't need to know every single checkpoint to achieve it. Focus on the next best step.”